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USA (617) 401-7877 | BRASIL (62) 3015-2977  Highest Quality Writing Instruments, Accessories, and more

USA (617) 401-7877 | Goiânia GO Brasil (62) 3015-2977 | (62) 9 8590-0769

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We are Tectrix.info
We are a wicked cool Digital Agency from Boston MA and now have our Studio located in Goiânia, Brasil covering Everywhere!
Why Tectrix?

Why Tectrix?

We LOVE to Tell Your Story.

3D WEB Designs

We like to design something unique to your business. With a design that speaks to your audience and GET noticed.

Digital Marketing

We can’t achieve perfection but we sure as heck try! We make a big deal out of you being happy with the final product.

Branded Products

High Quality Custom Branded Logo Promotional and Retail Products help add legitimacy to your business.

Our goal at Tectrix is to always think outside the box and be as innovative and creative as possible to give your promotion wings and GET YOU NOTICED!

Not only are we always on the lookout for new ideas, but we test these new techniques and implement them ourselves before recommending to our clients .

What we offer?

Fully Responsive

Translation Ready

Elegant & Clean

Extensive Options

Videos & Animations

SEO Optimized

Effective Marketing

5-star support


We have the right plan for you.

We really want to work with business owners

who are serious about their brand.

Some Optional Monthly Pricing Options – We can customize a plan for you


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Team / Equipe

True creativity comes from a clear Mind. Stephen Capano

Origin of the word TECTRIX: Modern Latin feminine of Classical Latin tector, one who covers ; from tectus, past participle of tegere, to cover

(617) 401-7877 | Brasil 55 (62) 3015-2977 | Steve (62) 9 8570-7877 | Marcia (62) 9 8590-0769


Stephen Capano
Stephen Capano
Director | Web Developer | Animator | 3D Designer
Marcia Capano
Marcia Capano
Finance Director | Client Manager
Vianey Villela
Vianey Villela
Finance and Business Strategist (415) 535-8774

Stephen (a/k/a Steve) Capano is from Boston Massachusetts. He studied Mechanical Engineering and Statistics at University of Massachusetts and then later studied the Psychology of Sales and Marketing at the Sandler Institute. Having over 25 years of sales and marketing experience with many retail and service business, such as CLOZ clothing store and Fashion Way Hair Salon helped Mr Capano start Tectrix, a Digital Marketing Agency, in 2009. The success of Tectrix and selling the Hair Salon allowed him in 2012 to move to Goiânia Goias Brasil to be closer to his wife’s family and still keep the Agency running smoothly with clients all over USA and now Brasil. In 2015 he started Mundo3DPrint.com is now servicing the 3D design and print prototype market.

Steve and Marcia met in 1999 in Massachusetts and are happily married with a daughter Catarina. Catarina is taking after her mother and studying Portugues, English and Spanish at the young age of 12. Mr Capano has recently been chosen the Ambassador of Internations Goiânia. A role which assists a large number of other Expats with their Brasil transition. Internations has been a large part of making Stephen’s transition to a new culture much easier by meeting many new people that he calls close friends now.

Stephen (a / k / a Steve) Capano é de Boston Massachusetts. Ele estudou Engenharia Mecânica e Estatística da Universidade de Massachusetts e mais tarde estudou a psicologia de Vendas e Marketing do Instituto Sandler. Tendo mais de 25 anos de experiência em vendas e marketing com muitos varejo e empresa de serviços, tais como Cloz loja de roupas e Fashion Way Hair Salon ajudou Sr. Capano começar Tectrix, uma Agência de Marketing Digital, em 2009. O sucesso do Tectrix e vender o Hair Salon permitido -lo em 2012 para mover-se para Goiânia Goiás Brasil para estar mais perto da família de sua esposa e ainda manter a Agência funcionando sem problemas com clientes em todo EUA e agora Brasil. E agora Mundo3DPrint.com.

Steve e Marcia se reuniu em 1999 em Massachusetts e são muito bem casado com uma filha Catarina. Catarina está tomando depois que sua mãe e estudar Portugues, Inglês e Espanhol na tenra idade de 12. Sr. Capano foi recentemente escolhido o Embaixador de internações Goiânia. Um papel que auxilia um grande número de outros exilados com a sua transição Brasil. Internações tem sido uma grande parte de fazer a transição de Stephen a uma nova cultura muito mais fácil, encontrando muitas pessoas novas que ele chama agora amigos íntimos.


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