Our Goal is simple. Increase Sales.

WEBSITE DEVELOPMENT: (Select one or request a custom proposal)

MARKETING SERVICES: (Select one or request a custom proposal)

● POWERHOUSE – Larger businesses who need more emails, drip campaigns, and videos to increase revenues.
● Professional – More content to layout for websites and PAID marketing included to Facebook,
Instagram, Linkedin, and Google
● Standard – Less content on website and less PAID marketing included to Media outlets noted above.
● Economy – Simple website starter content, less posts per month and no paid ads included

We can customize a plan depending on what you need.


TECTRIX provides comprehensive marketing for clients of various sizes and industries since 2009. We utilize the newest techniques and tools available to expand your reach and increase revenue. One particular industry we have helped to transform is independent Florists. TECTRIX has significantly addressed the challenge of Retail Florists to venture out on their own away from large expensive organizations. By helping them to navigate away from these large partners, their businesses have become more profitable, successful, and streamlined.


TECTRIX portfolio ⇒
Facebook & Instagram for many Florists’ who prefer to be independent of Large National Floral networks like FTD and TELEFLORA.
Wallingford Flower
Complex website for local sportswriters. OWOLS.ORG Videos, animations, email marketing, and more.

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