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TECTRIX works differently than other website developers. We want to know all about what’s behind your business:

• Where did it begin?
• Who are your clients?
• Who do you help and why?
• What sort of functionality will the site need? (scheduling ability, eCommerce capability, social media integration)

Through our process, we uncover the essence of your brand, and together, we identify the priority of messages and the uniqueness of your voice. The result is a website that’s engaging and elevates your business to the next level.

Timeline Example. Great for Generational businesses...

We just fit in where you need help.
The BEST Proposal, Websites, Clean Designs,
Animations, REEL Videos, Email,
Social Media Marketing,
and more.

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Stephen Capano is from Burlington Massachusetts. He got his first computer in 1984 and very shortly knew it was to be his future. He studied Mechanical Engineering and Statistics at the University of Massachusetts and later studied the Psychology of Sales and Marketing at the Sandler Institute. He opened his own store, “CLOZ”, small-sized style, in 1991 and was able to use his computer skills to create a logo, branded clothing, proper signage, an inventory tracking program, and a mailing label sheet where direct mailings to clients became important to increasing sales. His mailings grew to thousands of pre-teens per month. After “CLOZ”, Stephen opened various retail stores throughout Eastern MA and NH for The Limited, Inc. With SAI Marketing & Promotions, Stephen worked with the Marketing and Human Resource departments to create custom-branded products used in promotions, rewards, retail and more.

Stephen spent 5 years working for Teleflora, one of the largest Florist Associations worldwide, helping local Flower Shops increase sales using CRM (Customer Relationship Management) technology. His ventures include a number of businesses such as investment properties, Fashion Way Salon in Somerville MA, Mundo3DPrint.com, and TECTRIX.INFO, a development, design, marketing & promotions agency.

Stephen started TECTRIX.INFO in 2009 to help demonstrate a company’s value proposition to a new audience. TECTRIX.INFO drives results by helping discover solutions needed to differentiate a business. They act as an outsourced fusion of an IT consultant, an ad agency, and a think tank to achieve viral marketing success with proven healthy technologies. TECTRIX.INFO believes in testing new technologies often to find and discover specific relevance to each business.

Having over 30 years of sales and marketing experience with many retail and service businesses, and thousands of happy clients, (many of which Mr. Capano calls friends) prepared him to start TECTRIX.INFO, a Digital Marketing Agency. The success of TECTRIX.INFO and selling “Fashion Way Hair Salon”, allowed him to move to GoiÃnia, Goias Brazil in 2012 (to be closer to his wife’s family), but still keep the Agency running smoothly with clients all over the USA, Africa, and now Brazil.

Stephen has a deep-rooted passion for helping small businesses succeed. His father was forced to take early retirement from a job he loved after 33 years. This taught Stephen to follow his strengths and ambition to help others grow. The mission is simple: Help our clients increase customer reach and revenue daily. By doing this, TECTRIX.INFO succeeds.

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