Ideas to help jump-start a new sales person.

Had a long talk with a new account representative last week. She asked if I had any ideas on how to get started.

This has been my method for almost 30 years in face-to-face and online sales.

I asked if she could call previous clients, acquaintances, or even friends for honest low pressure information gathering.

That is essential information gathering from people she trusts and trusts her.

I wanted to go over what she has learned from them to use in future sales and marketing communications.

Ask them what they know about your new industry.
Have they used it?
Why not?
What turned them on?
Turned them off?
If they have used it, any feedback or client stories?
Write those notes for several phone calls and let me see it…

Then she should call 4 active clients for information gathering only.
Why did you choose this company?
Any feedback?
Do you have any client feedback? (use for testimonial possibly)

And specifically, ask if we can have a testimonial and a 5-star review with a straightforward link to make it easy for them.
She can use all this information to call new prospects after this exercise is complete.
I hope that helps start things off with positive momentum…